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ball anim Plan your AFC Asian Cup 2007 viewing schedule! FREE!!!
ball anim Analyse the latest football rankings by confederation or by group in the World Cup finals. FREE!!!
magnify anim Magnify Magnify follows the mouse around your desktop and zooms in on whatever is under the pointer. ScreenShotThumb433 kb
Magnify for Windows
XXXScam shows all possible moves in a game of XXX®™, in order of points scored.

XXX is a registered trademark of XXX.
ScreenShotThumb 820 kb
XXX for Windows


If you have trouble using any Stuff-By-Magnum product, please read through all of the product's StartUp Tips (usually available from the Help menu), or read the Help documentation for the product.

If you still have problems, email support is available.

supportStill having problems? The Stuff-By-Magnum support team is here to help!

If the product does not run at all or you discover a bug, please let us know.  Stuff-By-Magnum products are designed to run on all Windows platforms from Windows 98 onwards, and Windows NT4 onwards (this includes Windows 2000 and Windows XP), but check each product's own page for details.

Telephone support is available upon request by email.

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